What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle yet powerful healing modality in which an attuned practitioner uses gentle hand placements to allow spirit-guided, life-force energy to flow to the recipient. 

A practitioner is only a conduit for this healing universal energy. There is no energy exchange or manipulation of any kind.  By placing the hands on the body, the energy flows to where it is needed. Belief or not, does not effect the flow of energy. Healing will occur with or without the faith of the recipient. 

Whether the ailments are physical, emotional, mental or energetic, this reiki energy creates flow where blocks may be lingering. With the intention of sending this healing energy, your body's natural healing abilities are activated. 

All that is asked from the recipient is an openness to receive. 

Adding this healing modality to massage therapy has proven to add a deeper level of healing that Sonya's clients can feel during and beyond each session.