The Story of Us: Ryan

Some people show up on my table and they have been on their path to healing for quite sometime. This is true for Ryan. He was well along his own journey and knew the importance of having the kind of support that I provide. His presence is always a breath of fresh air and of genuine kindness. I am thankful that we have met and that he has and continues to trust me on his path of self discovery and self care.

1. How long have you been attending body and/or energy work sessions with Sonya?

I have been attending body/energy sessions with Sonya for two years.

2. How has your relationship grown, shifted and changed with your body during this time?

I am more aware of my body now, listening and paying closer attention to it, and taking greater care of myself now than I did before. I'm also able to release a lot of the energy that I pick up in everyday life on a consistent basis when I see Sonya.

3. How would you describe a typical session with Sonya?

The sessions are extremely relaxing, calming, and restorative. I leave every session wishing I had another 90 mins to repeat the session again.

4. Besides the actual energy and/or body work sessions, is there anything else you receive from these sessions?

Life guidance and coaching. Sonya really takes the time to get to know me on a deeper level so she can offer me suggestions on how to improve my overall quality of life.

5. Is there anything else that you would like to share about our relationship that we have cultivated over this long length of time?

Just to reinforce how lucky I am to have been introduced to Sonya. I'll continue to refer friends, colleagues, and the like to her.