The Story of Us: Mary

When I started to receive the responses to these interview questions for my longtime clients, I knew it would be great to hear their perspective, but the emotional response I have had has been powerful. I get to see these people regularly and I can see the shifts and changes, but to hear it in their own words, brings tears to my eyes. Mary is my long time client, but she is also my friend. Her belief and dedication to her self development, no matter how uncomfortable and unpleasant it can be, is truly inspirational. I’ve had the honor to witness her intentionally and purposefully lean into the darkest parts of herself and embrace the entirety of who she is. My gratitude runs deep for this spirit that I have the opportunity to share space with on a regular basis.

Please enjoy Mary’s ‘Story of Us.’

I’ve been receiving body/energy work from Sonya for over 4 years now.  I began my journey with Sonya just after my second baby was born. But that isn’t where my voyage with Sonya really began … it began about nice years ago, standing outside our little yellow home on 49 ½ St.  There are less than a handful of people in my life that I have “the moment” with. When time stops for an instant. It happened that day standing in my front yard with Sonya. Sonya and another beautiful soul came to meet my husband about a band.  It was 2010, we had just moved to Austin, and although I didn’t know it at the time, I was deep in depression. Standing in the front yard I remember trying to muster up energy and a smile to introduce myself. In that moment … in an instant, I saw peace and kindness and love and a deep, true beauty in Sonya’s face. It was only a moment but it is one I have always remembered like it was yesterday.

A band with a few very special people did happen, so our paths continued to cross here and there.  Being around Sonya was always easy; which is meaningful to someone struggling with anxiety and depression.

As everything in life does … the band ended as did my run in’s with Sonya.  I had a baby and then another one 19 months later. Life got pretty crazy and at just the right moment Sonya appeared again.  This time offering something I didn’t know I needed. She was in massage school, I lived nearby and she needed to practice. Hence our monthly sessions began.   I’ve always loved massages but never seen someone specific regularly. It was always a splurge.. a special occasion .. something nice to do for myself. I never knew the extent of what being in touch with my body and soul was really like until Sonya helped get me there.  

I’m not sure how I can adequately put into words how my thoughts and energy about myself has changed since I’ve been seeing Sonya.  Change is never a quick, easy road. Over the past four years I can say that I feel calmer .. almost zero anxiety in my day to day. I feel relaxed and kinder to myself… physically and emotionally.  I feel like I can see more clearly after a session with Sonya. Colors are brighter. I feel more excited about life and while not every day is perfect, I have cultivated a self -confidence and self-love I didn’t have before.  

In each session, Sonya spends time checking in with me, talking to me about what’s going on in the universe and how it affects us.   I take to heart the information Sonya gives, I ponder the questions she asks, I use the gifts she gives me. I am able to let my mind and body shift from my everyday world during my time with Sonya.  Sometimes I leave emotional, sometimes almost dizzy with peace and calm, and I always, always leave feeling loved and cared for. I take all of that with me and keep it close until the next time.

I strongly believe in self-care and actively cultivate it through talk therapy, exercise, food, reading, writing and working with Sonya.  In the past few months two major life shifts have happened and I have to attribute in part to Sonya and how she has helped me know myself better.  I am off a low dosage of antidepressants and I have stopped using alcohol in an unhealthy way. I have depended on alcohol as a crutch for years .. like 20 years.  By digging deeper into my emotions, by giving myself the gift of time to sit with myself and by really contemplating gifts of wisdom from Sonya, I have gained a confidence that has helped me to not feel like I need that crutch.  I have been able to cultivate health and revel in how good it feels.