The Story of Us: Mandy

This special spirit is one that I know that I have traveled many lifetimes with. I am honored to be her bodyworker and to have the opportunity to share space with her in any capacity. When we share space, I not only get the privilege to provide her this nurturing service, but I receive wisdom from her presence. In short, I love this woman like she is my family and I know in my heart and soul that she always has been.

Please enjoy Mandy’s ‘Story of Us’:

How long have you been attending body and/or energy work sessions with Sonya?

3 years??

How has your relationship grown, shifted and changed with your body during this time?
Working with Sonya has allowed me to tap into the subtleties of both my physical and energetic bodies on a daily basis. The conversations we engage in while I’m in her space become touch points in my mind between sessions. It’s like she facilitates the inner monologue within me, deepening the truth that my self-care journey and well-being is valuable, important, and supported.

How would you describe a typical session with Sonya?
Heaven. Perfection. A portal to the infinite truth that the body is capable of miraculous things if you are willing to open your heart and surrender to your own healing.

Besides the actual energy and/or body work sessions, is there anything else you receive from these sessions?
The best way I can describe what I receive from a session with Sonya is this: heart-healing soul nourishment that feeds a balanced diet of the mind, body, and spirit. Our time together has become a foundational tool for me to appreciate exactly where I am on my journey, and how I can make the most of what the present moment has to offer.

Is there anything else that you would like to share about our relationship that we have cultivated over this long length of time?
Our relationship has allowed me to welcome the future and appreciate the past, while being fully grounded in the present. It has taught me that the memories I hold in my body are valid, the truth I hold in my heart is worthy of love, and that the time I have in this life is precious and worth celebrating.
Thank you Sonya for the love you’ve brought to my life and so many others!