The Story of Us : Lisa

Lisa is one of my first, most consistent, long term clients to date. We have been seeing each other since Sept. 2015. Normal words can’t even describe the amount of gratitude I have for our time together. This beautiful soul has trusted me from the beginning, without any history of knowing each other before our first session. I look forward to seeing her every chance I get, hearing her perspective on this life we are living and being a part of her journey when she is not trotting the globe. To have her believe in me and trust me since the beginning has been a major part of the foundation of my business today. Our relationship gave me the vision of what it is I strive for, not just to help you feel better in your body, but to connect, learn and grow together. Below I share her perspective of our time together.

1. How long have you been attending body and/or energy work sessions with Sonya?

I've been seeing Sonya consistently for 3 and a half years. 

2. How has your relationship grown, shifted and changed with your body during this time?

When I started seeing Sonya I had chronic issues with my neck and shoulders. I was amazed at how she could help relieve the tension without hurting me.  Sonya uses techniques like facia release and trigger point to ease tension without the deep tissue abuse I'd been used to. After being on a consistent schedule for so long, my muscles melt easily when she encourages them back into place and my sessions have become very relaxing and restorative. 

3. How would you describe a typical session with Sonya?

Sonya's studio is filled with soothing music, special crystals to keep the energy balanced, and the table is always perfectly warmed. Sessions start with a quick catch up about life, the most recent episode of The Bachelor, and we talk through any physical issues I've been having.  She gives me a few minutes to get situated and digs right in to get my body back on track. Whether it is a stiff neck from travel or a tense calf from a sprained ankle, Sonya is skilled and gentle while loosening things up.  Our sessions end with a gentle face mist (of what I assume is magical unicorn dust) and a deep relaxing breath. 

4. Besides the actual energy and/or body work sessions, is there anything else you receive from these sessions?

Sonya doesn't just give a massage.  She helps identify the source of the issue and ways that you can stretch at home to prevent the tension from rebuilding. She is an herbal goddess with a million ideas on how to help with whatever ails you.  Sonya has introduced me to nettle leaf tea to help with my allergies, milk thistle to sooth my liver during a hangover, and she even makes homemade magnesium oil to help with muscle aches! 

5. Is there anything else that you would like to share about our relationship that we have cultivated over this long length of time?

We had never met when I had my first appointment in September of 2015, but I instantly knew how special Sonya was.  I feel so lucky to have her as both my bodyworker and friend.  I'm always impressed by her knowledge and how she continues to learn and grow in her profession.  If I come up with a new challenge, she does research and comes up with ideas to help me. From physical injuries to allergies, asthma, and fertility struggles, Sonya always has my back!