The Story of Us : Mia

I have had the pleasure of working with Mia for a little over a year now. I have had the honor to witness her growth as we have chosen to walk down this path of self discovery and healing together. This woman has shown me such grace and an openness to evolve, shift and grow within in herself and the way she shows up in this world. Below I’m so honored to share her perspective of our growing relationship, our sessions and her journey while we have been consistently working together.

1. How long have you been attending body and/or energy work sessions with Sonya? 

I have been working with Sonya since April 2018.

2. How has your relationship grown, shifted and changed with your body during this time? 

I have been in therapy for many, many years. And while I have gained so many insights into who I am, my relationship with Sonya brought to light a whole new level of self-understanding. It began with her suggestion of embracing one’s ‘negativity’ instead of thinking, I’ve got these problems I want to get rid of. We’ve explored the concept of there can be no light without darkness, and it has been a truly revolutionary way of thinking and living for me. Sonya has been for me a spiritual guide and compass that I never knew I existed, nor realized how much I needed. As a result, my body, mind and soul are so much more at peace with who I am, how I came to be at this exact moment in my life, and truly embracing and loving myself.

3. How would you describe a typical session with Sonya? 

Our sessions always begin with a check in of the time that has lapsed since our last session. I share the insights and ‘a-ha’ moments and reflections, and Sonya then ties that into the current phase of the moon as well as sharing her insights. Next, Sonya asks how my body is feeling and if there is any specific areas she should work on. The session consists of massage body work as well as energy/soul work through music, crystals, aromatherapy and sound. At the end, over a much needed glass of water, together Sonya and I process and discuss how the session went. Lastly, Sonya gives me a tool (a candle, herbal spray, body scrub au an oil) for me to be able to continue the work we’ve done at my home. 

4. Besides the actual energy and/or body work sessions, is there anything else you receive from these sessions? 

What I receive from my sessions from Sonya cannot be adequately put into simply words. I consider my sessions with her as essential as exercising, sleeping, breathing. They give me a level of calm and revitalization that then allows me to build on my self-knowledge and self-love.

5. Is there anything else that you would like to share about our relationship that we have cultivated over this long length of time? 

Sonya is a person who was truly meant to be doing the work she does. Her social media posts and newsletter are an important extension of the work she does in her work space. She has allowed me to be grounded/centered and to appreciate the beauty around and within me.