"There are massage therapists and then there is Sonya-what she offers is so much more than just "body work". She provides a space for healing and growth, in the physical sense and beyond.
I have been seeing Sonya bi-weekly for 3 months now and she has become an integral part of my self-care journey. Our focus is on getting my mind and body to a place of daily healthy-happy-living!
I am a full-time dancer and I use my body daily. I absolutely love what I do but earlier this year I began to feel resentment towards my career because of the pain it was causing me, which was leading to lack of sleep and an all around life challenge on a daily basis. I knew I needed to dig deeper into the root of the pain, and seeing Sonya was the start of a new journey.
I receive a combination of massage therapy and reiki, and each time I've left our session, I walk out with new-found discoveries on what a body without pain can feel like, and the near foresight of complete peace in mind and spirit. She welcomes you as you are, cares for you with peace and understanding, and sends you on your way feeling like the weights of the world have been lifted. Thank you Sonya!" - Serese B.


"I started seeing Sonya just after my first child was born.  I was achy and experiencing some postpartum depression.  Before Sonya, I would pop into a spa here or there for an occasional massage as a birthday or Christmas treat.  Sometimes I would see the same therapist but mostly I just made random appointments.  It's been almost three years now that I've been seeing only Sonya and I will continue to do that as long as she is working! At the beginning of each session she spends a little time chatting with me and it always gets me a space of being super relaxed and ready to accept all the benefits of the massage.  She has helped with body aches and pains as well as helping with some anxiety and depression.  I always, always feel calm, relaxed and pain free after I spend an hour with her.  She is a person of true beauty inside and out and she has helped me feel more present, centered and relaxed than I thought possible! Thank you Sonya!"       -Mary H. 


"I lovingly refer to Sonya as my "mind-body-spirit" masseuse because, not only does she ease the suffering of the body, but she has the innate ability to move through the subtleties of the spirit in a way that eases the suffering of the mind as well. The gift of her healing is a service my aching muscles have come to rely upon, and it is with a full heart that I recommend her to anyone feeling called to her offerings. I promise it will be a journey you will come to look forward to time and time again."  -Mandy D. 


"She has a very calm demeanor and is very intuitive when it comes to what I need during that particular session. She listens very well and has a very nurturing touch. It is very obvious that she really cares, and she has a genuine desire to help others feel better."    -Amber T.


"Sonya is incredibly patient, skilled, and thoughtful in her practice. She took time to discuss my overall wellness, mind and body, before and after my massage. Days later, I am still experiencing an increase in energy and mindfulness, as well as restored physical comfort. Looking forward to my next session!"  -Stephanie G.


"Absolutely excellent Massage, but more than that she is a lovely person!"-Martha G.


"In March of this year, I was plagued with bad dreams about an upcoming difficult and life-altering confrontation as well as trauma from past abuse and emotional decisions. I couldn't sleep, my work and personal life was being affected, and I felt so overwhelmed. As a massage therapist myself, I knew that I was not giving myself or my own clients my best as a result.
Sonya and I went to massage school together, and from the time we met I knew that she was going to be one of the most empathetic and talented body workers I would ever meet. Once I knew she added Reiki to her repertoire, I knew she was who I needed to see for some self-care.
Sonya took the time to listed to everything that I had going on and was incredibly focused and attentive during my whole session. The entire atmosphere, body/energy work, and her touch was so relaxing and nurturing and at the end of the session, I felt like a new person. She emptied the backlog of fear, anxiety, and turmoil that was making me incapable of handling the slightest daily inconvenience without crying. What's more, she made a safe space for me to actually feel the emotions involved, and release them.
After the session, Sonya gave me recommendations for resources to help with my anxiety about my dreaded conversation and even a bottle of magnesium oil to spray on my feet at night to help me relax and sleep. Sonya truly cares about your well-being, even after you have left her massage table.
Since seeing Sonya, my bad dreams have ceased. While it was difficult, I felt strong enough and clear-headed enough to confront my past, speak my peace, and put myself and my physical/emotional well-being first. Whether you just need some self-care, help shedding the everyday negativity around you, or a little assistance clearing out remnants of past hurts, you will not find anyone better than Sonya to help you on your journey." - Becca F.