Moon Sessions are personal. We discuss where you've been, where you are and where you could possibly go. We discuss what area of life the light of the moon, stars and planets are shining on and how it may pertain to your personal path. We work with the language of the stars and the phases of the moon as a guide on your healing journey. 

Then we lay it out on the table. We work with your physical and energetic body to create flow and freedom, so that when it is time to work your lunar magic, you will be grounded and centered. 


The moon is a powerful force and ally on a healing journey. She affects the rhythms of our bodies and emotions. She expands and closes in just as we do. When we flow with her, we flow in a natural state. To be in-tuned into her, is to be in-tuned with ourselves.  By flowing with the cycle of the moon, we intentionally find a natural flow of being. 

We will expand, grow and nurture when necessary. Then slow down, internalize, release and let go when it is time. We will open ourselves to our own inner knowing, to the synchronicities, to the threads that are guiding us. 

You will embody Lunar Magic. 


The moon's cycle is 29.5 days, so you have the opportunity to work with these sessions twice a month. For now, I am offering New Moon sessions (intention setting) and Full Moon sessions (letting go/releasing) on the day of and surrounding days of each moon phase.  Every session comes with a gift you will receive in person along with a ritual and journal prompts which will show up in our email the day before that specific moon phase. We go over where we are astrologically and infuse the lessons and information into your session of body and energy work.  


This can be very powerful, perspective shifting work. It requires an openness and vulnerability from both of us. If these sessions interest you, please email me at sonya@vesselandspirit.com for more info and set up a quick chat to make sure this work is right for you.

Your well being is my priority.